Boyhood Photos of J.H. Lartigue, The Family Album of a Gilded Age

For my students, here is the Lartigue book I was talking about during the second class.
The paper for this book is very heavy, each page is about 100lb text weight paper (aka: close to cover stock but not quite there). Every single photo is “tipped in” which means it was printed separately and glued in by hand. Each photo in this book is a different size. On the title page there is white ink which means that these pages were silk screened separately from the rest of the book. Regular, offset, printers do not print white ink. Each page is a light olive color and the cover is dark brown leather with a debossed gold foil title design. This is an unbelievable book, it was printed in Switzerland–I’ve never seen a book printed in Switzerland–I’m sure it cost a fortune to make back in 1966, I can’t imagine how much it would cost to make today (especially if you printed this in Switzerland), no one makes books like this anymore.

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