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Ghostly Catacumba and Heavy Metal Chumbo

Thank you to‘s newsletter for directing me to this link to type designer Rui Abreu’s typographic videos. Beautiful work. **And I LOVE the tiny letterpress machine in the Chumba video!     Advertisements

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Foraging for Type

There is a wonderful post on the New Yorker‘s website by Rachel Arons titled, Foraging for Type. I’m pretty sure all designers and type mavens do this: we look at labels and signs differently than most people do. I love … Continue reading

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Fantastic work from my class

Yesterday was the last day of the 6-class typography course at Noble Desktop. My students produced really great work! Here is a sample of what came out of the class:        

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Yummy Font Family

Charcuterie is a new family of typefaces available now at Designed by Laura Worthington, Charcuterie is a family of ten distinct yet related typefaces, many of which have their own font families. What I like about these typefaces is … Continue reading

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Form Follows Function

There is an article by Heydon Pickering at in which he explores, “an alternative approach to styling Web documents.” This is not my game but I liked what I read in the initial paragraphs and I think it applies … Continue reading

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Rockwell—Tough Guy Typeface

In researching slab serif typefaces for my Noble Desktop typography class I came across this verbally colorful, typographically awesome, montage by Jarratt Moody of a graphic scene from Pulp Fiction. If a person could be assigned a typeface I definitely … Continue reading

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Class two-Colophon design

During class two we talked about colophons and how cool they are and how it’s so nice to find one in a book. Colophons are fabulous! For this colophon design assignment they could only use the fonts we were talking … Continue reading

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