New from the studio!

We have been VERY busy this year. Phew. And we are not done yet. . . . Here is a short preview to what we’ve been up to:

photo IMG_0061Earth to Sky by Michael Nichols, published by Aperture, is a moving and beautiful book about elephants in Africa. This book vividly showcases the extremes to which the elephant’s habitats are being destroyed and, also, thankfully, the efforts to help restore what is being lost.

IMG_0062Interiors by Sandra Nunnerley, published by powerHouse. This book is a compilation of interior design projects by Sandra Nunnerley.

IMG_0063The Stories They Tell, A Journey of Remembrance, published by Skira/Rizzoli, is a lovely and quiet book detailing the history and stories of some of the most treasured objects in the 9/11 museum.

IMG_0064Madonna NYC 83, photographs by Richard Corman, published by Damiani, is a colorful and fantastic book of photos taken of Madonna by Richard Corman in the early ’80s.

And (speaking of busy) perhaps my friends and students have heard me mention a certain 900 page book once or twice . . . well, after about two years it’s finally on press! Here is what a beautiful set of bluelines for a 900 page book looks like:


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