Fall 2013 InDesign/Printed Matter class projects

Fall 2013 class booksAll of my students worked hard and produced beautiful books! For our final class last Friday we all met at Aperture in their conference room which was a bright and beautiful place to present the work and enjoy a nice breakfast of bagels with cream cheese or my killer homemade hummus. The students were also given a tour of the gallery where we learned about the current exhibit and about Aperture’s work-study program. Below are examples of each student’s work.

Aperture reviewJohn Kurtz cover with spineJohn Kurtz, Color me Black

John Kurtz spread 05John Kurtz spread 04John Kurtz spread 03John Kurtz spread 02John Kurtz spread 01Mark Davis cover

Mark Davis, Cheserek

Mark Davis spread 01 Mark Davis spread 02 Mark Davis spread 03Akaylah Reed cover

Akaylah Reed, Boundaries

Akaylah Reed title page Akaylah Reed spread 03Akaylah Reed spread 02Akaylah Reed spread 01Annika Jakes cover

Annika Jakes, leagáid

Annika Jakes title pageAnnika Jakes spread 02Annika Jakes spread 01Annika Jakes spread 03Bobbie Richardson frontandback cover

Bobbie Richardson, Red Hook/East River Promenade

Bobbie Richardson spread 02Bobbie Richardson spread 03 Bobbie Richardson spread 04 Bobbie Richardson spread 01Bobbie Richardson title pageBobbie Richardson spread 06 Bobbie Richardson spread 05Daryl Oh cover

Daryl Oh, Anonymous Parties

Daryl Oh spread 05Daryl Oh spread 04Daryl Oh spread 03 Daryl Oh spread 02 Daryl Oh spread 01Grace Curatola front cover

Grace Curatola, mom’s cooking

Grace CuratolaKieran Kesner cover

Kieran Kesner, Living with Roma, Photographs of Gypsies

Kieran Kesner spread 01 Kieran Kesner spread 02 Kieran Kesner spread 03 Kieran Kesner spread 04Jiseong Ro coverJiseong Ro,  “…”

Jiseong Ro frontspineback cover Jiseong Ro spread 02Jiseong Ro spread 07Jiseong Ro spread 06Jiseong Ro spread 04 Jiseong Ro spread 03Jiseong Ro spread 05Jiseong Ro spread 01Lynn Tun title page

Lynn Thu Tun, Alchemical Journal, 2011–2013

Lynn Tun spread 01Lynn Tun vellum 03Lynn Tun spread 05Lynn Tun spread 03Lynn Tun spread 07Lynn Tun spread 02Lynn Tun spread 04Rachelle Klapheke cover

Rachelle Klapheke, Liberty

Rachelle Klapheke spine Rachelle Klapheke spread 03Rachelle Klapheke spread 02Rachelle Klapheke spread 01

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