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Inspiration Day

I’m spending some serious time today trolling the interwebs for inspiration for my next project. I’ve gotten kind of distracted and just started finding lots of stuff that I just LIKE and want to keep in my head for a … Continue reading

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More alphabet books!

More alphabet books were turned in this past Friday, see and be inspired by the beautiful work below: By Daryl Oh By Bobbie Richardson By Jiseong Ro By Ariana Brin By Michael Dozal

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Beautiful typography

While at the Museum of Natural History yesterday with my family I came across this panel in one of the older rooms. The letterforms here are so beautiful and original I couldn’t help myself, I had to get up close … Continue reading

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Two Plain White Walls

Here’s what happens when two different people, at two different times, are presented with huge white walls and someone says, “What would you do?” I know, fill it up with type! These are two amazing videos I’d file under my … Continue reading

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Date Prints

I have to admit, I kind of love these! Great for an anniversary present or to celebrate your kid’s birthday. I love all of the colors, the typeface that is used, the way the numbers look. Sold! Here is where … Continue reading

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Alphabet Books

These are amazing! For this assignment the students had to design and put together alphabet books. They were only allowed to use the typefaces we had talked about so far which were: Garamond, Jenson, Baskerville, and Caslon. Each book is … Continue reading

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Alphabet Collages

As the semester rolls on we are getting more and more creative in my typography classes. Here is a sample of some of the alphabet collages my students worked on last week.              

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