Alphabet Books

These are amazing! For this assignment the students had to design and put together alphabet books. They were only allowed to use the typefaces we had talked about so far which were: Garamond, Jenson, Baskerville, and Caslon. Each book is 5×5″ and is put together in an accordion fold style. Great work from everybody!

akaylah_reed1 akaylah_reed2 akaylah_reed3 akaylah_reed4 akaylah_reed5 akaylah_reed6By Akaylah Reed

elizabeth_stewart1 elizabeth_stewart2 elizabeth_stewart3 elizabeth_stewart4 elizabeth_stewart5 elizabeth_stewart6By Elizabeth Stewart

john_kurtz1 john_kurtz2 john_kurtz3 john_kurtz4 john_kurtz5 john_kurtz6By John Kurtz

Mackenzie_Wyatt1 Mackenzie_Wyatt2 Mackenzie_Wyatt3 Mackenzie_Wyatt4 Mackenzie_Wyatt5 Mackenzie_Wyatt6 Mackenzie_Wyatt7By Mackenzie Wyatt

mark_davis1 mark_davis2 mark_davis3 mark_davis4 mark_davis5 mark_davis6 mark_davis7By Mark Davis

maureen_dai1 maureen_dai2 maureen_dai3 maureen_dai4 maureen_dai5 maureen_dai6By Maureen Dai

rachelle_khapheke2 rachelle_klaphekeBy Rachelle Klapheke

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