Wow, I have always admired the typefaces (hand drawn or otherwise) on old maps and now Hoefler & Co. has come out with an exacting and beautiful typeface to satisfy that need: Surveyor.

more surveyor SurveyorSurveyor is a new family of fonts for print and web comprising of four levels of usage: there is a text weight, a display version for headlines and the like, “fine” for poster sizes, and a “ScreenSmart” version for the web which can work super small. To me this looks like a lovely combination of Caslon and Bodoni with whimsical italics. I’m hooked! Their graphics are seriously selling it too . . . when I opened the email and saw the way the typeface was presented I kind of melted. Then, at the end of the email there was this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.11.41 PM . . . and . . . yeah. Numbers are my weakness.  I want all of these typefaces.

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