Mail Art

Wow, how did I NOT know about this?! The USPS has a whole awesome site devoted to such things as mail art, stamp history, upcoming stamp issues, artist profiles . . . and it’s a lovely website—not what I was expecting from the post office.

I have a major soft spot for Charlottesville, Virginia, silk screen printing and wood type. If you’re like me check out the video and article about printmaker Brian Brubaker and graphic designer Matt Pamer.

Cash_FlatAfter I graduated from school I kept in touch with a friend whose letters came to me as beautiful collages which, almost 20 years later, I still have because they are so beautiful. On the USPS site there is a lovely piece about MAIL ART which really made me happy.

USPS_PostalArt-072_0_0 USPS_PostalArt-095 USPS_PostalArt-teal-closeupThank you to Hoefler & Co for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

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