The List

The List/My List. When I was in my early 20s the Art Director who I worked for gave me a list of movies to watch. This list, for me, was like a key. It opened up a whole world to me. My vocabulary changed. That list was a stepping stone into the further depths of cinema, music, art, food, culture and travel. It was just a short list of movies but after watching them I turned a corner and wanted to keep going. I wanted to see more, I wanted to know more. I had just graduated from art school and thought I knew something . . . well I did, but I found out through this list that there was way more out there for me to learn.

I am now an Art Director and I have a designer working with me who just graduated from art school. A few weeks ago it occurred to me that I needed to give her this list. This is not the original list. I’ve combined movies from the original list with my own favorites plus books, magazines and artists that are important to me. This list is by no means ever done or finished but I think, for someone just starting off in the design world, this is a good start.

All About Eve
To Kill a Mockingbird (movie or book)
Love in the Afternoon
Belle du Jour
Funny Face
Roman Holiday
My Fair Lady
An Affair to Remember
Pillow Talk
Bill Cunningham documentary
Rear Window
The Princess Bride
The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Pretty in Pink
The Godfather parts 1 and 2
The Shining
When We Were Kings
Helvetica The Movie
Taxi Driver

100 Years of Solitude
Love in the time of Cholera
Angela’s Ashes
Jane Eyre
Madame Bovary
*Read the New Yorker and the New York Times as much as you can*

EYE magazine
Raygun magazine (1990s)
Twice magazine (1990s)
Early Fortune magazines (1940s)
Holiday magazine (1950s–60s)
Dance Ink (if you can find it)

David Carson
Alexey Brodovitch
Richard Avedon
Andy Warhol
Saul Bass
Paul Rand
Irving Penn
Saul Steinberg
Diane Arbus
Cy Twombley
Massimo Vignelli
Charles and Ray Eames
Pentagram Design Studio
Walker Evans
Twyla Tharp

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