Nitro & Turbo

unnamedTwo new typefaces from H&Co! Nitro and Turbo are currently rocking my world.
When I was a kid my dad subscribed to Road&Track magazine. I always loved looking at the covers and that ampersand just killed me.

maz7992aBut looking at these two new typefaces I was reminded of a few other things I’ve always loved. Number 1: the movement and the almost 3-D-ness of these letterforms reminded me of one of my favorite pictures by JH Lartigue.
lartigue-1And second, I was reminded of how much I love the Blue Note record covers. Maybe it is the way the words are stacked on top of each other, maybe it’s the way the shapes of the letters suggest movement . . . either way I couldn’t help but think of these favorite record covers:
616M2XFPEKL abn4000-074 TM cover tumblr_mkl8fdTReX1qgnue7o10_r1_500 windowslivewritermorecolorforbluenote-1870nbn2-127-thumb

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