Inspiration & Instruction Links

Want to know more about book binding?
This blog from Emily Duong is a great link to definitions and tutorials. And this blog, My Handbound Books, also offers really helpful tutorials.

Looking for a new typeface or typographic inspiration?
Here are some of my favorite websites: Fantastic site. A great place to get inspired and to find beautiful typefaces. There is also a great typographic type glossary here if you ever have any questions about letterform anatomy or typeface classification. great inspiration for logo and title design and just for design in general

This street type tumblr is also a lot of fun for typographic inspiration

Badge Hunting by Allan Peters is pretty amazing is a great resource for finding a font, they have a huge selection and you can type out your title or words to test out the fonts.

Lost Type Co-op is really great, they always have something new and most of the fonts are “pay/donate what you wish”

House Industries has lots of inspiration and it’s just a fun site to visit every once in awhile to get inspired . . .

Photolettering is amazing . . . old fashioned in a really good way.

FontFabric—great free typefaces!

Font inspiration! This site is great but it’s a little long winded. Love it though, there’s something here for everyone . . .

Pentagram, What Type are You?
This is hysterical. I highly recommend taking the test. I am Le Corbusier Stencil which makes me really happy . . .

What to do with your fonts? Here’s a site that will take your type and make a photopolymer plate so you can use it on a letterpress machine!



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